Memories of B.F. RKO Keith's Theatre
400 South Salina Street, Syracuse, New York

The Most Magnificent Theatre In All The Universe
Devoted to high class vaudeville

Here's Your Ticket
To A Musical Experience

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Come when you will,
There's a welcome to greet you,
A hand-clasp to thrill,
And a true smile to meet you.

The following pictures were taken while preparing for a
special program "A Glimpse Of The Past".
The program was a fundraiser for the Syracuse Theatre Organ Society
to purchase the organ to save it from the demolition of the theatre.

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Advertising for the "Glimpse Of The Past" program

Rehearsal session1.jpg (382521 bytes) Rehearsal session2.jpg (265670 bytes) Rehearsal session.jpg (433670 bytes) Rehearsal session3.jpg (239428 bytes)
Rehearsing for the program

Planning in Keiths lounge.jpg (277643 bytes) Planning in Keiths lounge1.jpg (271410 bytes)
Planning and signing contracts in the theatre lounge

If you have any items or memorabilia from this once
magnificent theatre, please contact the webmaster below.

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